VideoCast: Update

The initial project plan went through a total makeover when I found some new things in my research. The Smart View SDK being the most prominent finding.

VideoCast: Starting a new Project

The Project

For TDLR people; I plan on creating a casting app for samsung TV and my android phone. The android app will allow me to send a video link to my TV app which will then stream the video.

For the rest, please continue with the article.

My GSoC Journey/Dealing with GSoC failure

The GSoC season is about to begin and here is a post reminiscing my memories of GSoC. Might also be a good read for someone who has failed a GSoC.

My experience with GSoC is a classic example of how things eventually work out in the end if you keep trying.

Revamping the Blog

The Old Site

Installation guide for Antergos

Antergos is a distro based on Arch Linux. In this post, I will share my experience of installing Antergos with some of the problems that I faced and their solutions.