Ubuntu to Fedora

Recently I moved from ubuntu 15.10 to fedora 23, which was first time I was trying a new OS which was not based on Debian. Installing fedora was new experience as fedora had a installer which a lot different from the debian based distros. This is very good walk through to install fedora 23 which I followed.

After installation the first major difference is gnome desktop environment. The gnome desktop is different as the windows did not have the familiar minimize button. It took some time to get used to it. I also followed this guide to setup fedora.

The next big difference in fedora is its package manager Dandified yum which was different from aptitude(used by ubuntu). But for a user like me it did not make any difference except for installing packages I used sudo dnf install <package-name> instead of sudo apt-get install <package-name>. The reason I switched from ubuntu to fedora was because it comes with leading-edge software and more suitable for developers but this also makes fedora less stable than ubuntu.