Recent Developments

It’s been 2 months since my last post. A lot happened during these 2 months form GSoC rejection to involvement in mesa, not to forget the end-sems in between.

So lets start from the begining, I made some more contribution to gnome-maps and libchamplain (a mapping widget library used by gnome-maps) as part of my GSoC proposal. It was fun interacting with developers like Jonas Danielsson, Jiri Techet and making my contribution to open source. Though I was not selected for GSoC, it was a great experience. If it was not for GSoC I won’t get involved in any open source organisation. It gave me first hand experience of collabrative coding, git and reading code.

Accepting a GSoC rejection was not easy but as always, life moves on. Moreover I did not have time to get over the rejection as the result came in during the end-sems. Also inspite of the time invested in GSoC, I did fare well in the end-sems and got B in all my courses.

The other thing in which I got involved was Xorg. After the GSoC I was looking at some projects which did not get the applicants and one such project was implementing presentation features in VDPAU state tracker (would need another post to describe VDPAU). I got interested in the project and contacted the mentor Christian König to discuss the possibility. Christian was very helpful and I started studying about the project. But unfortunately my AMD card did not have hardware decoding capabilities required for the project. So for now the project has come to a dead end. Maybe if I can get my hands on a system with suitable hardware then I can continue my work on the project.

Luckily I was selected for research track exploration project in which I was paired with Prof. Benjamin Raichel of UTD. So I am all set for working with Prof. Raichel for the coming summers.