It’s been 1.5 months since my last post. I have been busy this whole time also tried working on a post on bicubic scaling, but its going nowhere. You get a hell lot busy once the semester starts. Nevertheless I have been able to take out some time to work on mesa though the progress has been slow.

One reason for me being busy was the internship season in the college, I had to prepare for coding tests and interviews. One thing that that disappointed me was the way the companies pick up the candidates. They focus mainly on algorithms and tests also consists of question that we encounter in competitive coding. From what I have seen working on projects, more focus in on writing understandable and maintainable code rather than the most efficient one. As they say “All’s Well That Ends Well”, I got an internship offer from samsung electronics and will be working in their suwon HQ during summers.

My work on the Lanczos scaling has been halted for some time now, the reason being my hardware. I am not able to reproduce the artifacts that others are having so debugging is out of the picture. For the time being I have started working on some tasks on VDPAU state tracker. I have been experiencing anxiety recently, it shows up in my actions like checking mails and facebook frequently. I will try to control my anxiety from now onwards. I will also try to play sports regularly this semester, I think this post is gonna serve as a new semester resolution list.

I also started fideling with the linux kernel, trying to compile it from source and install it in my system. Reading more about it. I would love to contribute to linux kernel someday. This is a post with the agenda of keeping the blog active. I will post the one with bicubic scaling shortly.